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About Us


Why Choose Thespicegift

There are many ways of making delicious food, but fundamentally, the herbs and spices you use are what take the food to the next level! We believe that making an exceptional meal requires creativity, trusting your gut, and experimenting. So if you are tired of having individual spices “staring” at you in your cupboard and tired of wondering which spice combinations will transform your dishes? We are here to help. Our spices are a combination of both traditional and non-traditional spices and herbs that can easily be added to dishes in seconds, without thinking about it!

We wanted to create products our customers will be proud to receive and open, both as a personal treat or as a cooking gift. These are not just “Spices”, these are beautifully hand-crafted spice blends, that make “great gifts”.

Thespicegift Mission

To create “WOW” gifts with our premium handmade spice blends created to move your heart with plenty of personal and unexpected touches. Our focus is to provide personal and heartfelt customer service while creating stunning Spice gift hampers that can be gifted to yourself or any of your loved ones.

Thespicegift Culture

Think outside the box, Creativity, fun and variety.

Thespicegift Values

Recyclability, Creativity, Presentation, Happy feelings, Dependability, and exceptional customer service.


Thespicegift is the idea of an ambitious home chef that’s been using and blending her own spice blends since she was a teenager. After many years of using spices and herbs from a very young age, Miriam wanted to combine her vast knowledge of Spice combinations and creativity together to bring unique Food gifts in the form of Spices and herbs.

Each Spice Gift set is filled with the finest handcrafted Spice and herbal blends packed with thoughtfulness, love, care, and a lot of surprising special little touches. When you order from us, you can sit back and relax knowing that each spice box has been hand-made with Love.

Spices Make Great Gifts!