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About Us

Why Choose Thespicegift

There are many ways of making delicious food, but fundamentally, the herbs and spices you use are what take the food to the next level! We believe that making an exceptional meal requires creativity, trusting your gut, and experimenting. So if you are tired of having individual spices “starring” at you in your cupboard and tired of wondering which spice combinations will transform your dishes? We are here to help. Our spices are a combination of both traditional and non-traditional spices and herbs that can easily be added to dishes in seconds, without thinking about it!

We wanted to create products our customers will be proud to receive and open, both as a personal treat or as a cooking gift. These are not just “Spices”, these are beautiful Spice gifts, that make “great gifts”.

 Thespicegift Mission

To provide an adventurous and unique gift experience with premium spices and herbs presented as beautiful gifts. Our focus is on ensuring we create stunning Spice gift hampers that will move your heart on receipt.

Thespicegift Culture

Our culture is all about experimentation, creativity, care, and happiness.

Thespicegift Values

Recyclability, Creativity, Presentation, Dependability, and exceptional customer service.


The story so far...

A one-woman team, hand blending spices and herbs to create beautiful gift boxes. I started blending my own spices in 2011 in my small flat at university using my student grant to source different spices from my local supermarkets. Living in Manchester means we get a broad range of supermarkets which makes it easy to go and explore what kind of spices are out there. My love for spices started from a very young age and I was always very curious about what kind of spices my mum used in the food she cooked. The food was always so fragrant and would make you hungry before you even tasted it.

Exploring different spices became a hobby of mine and I find it exciting each time I discover a new spice that I would add to my blends. I began to mix my own spice blends, which I would store and use to cook once in a while, (after all who cooked at university all the time? Not me..). All I knew is I loved herbs & spices and how they transformed my cooking.

The world has changed as we know it due to the pandemic and in one way or another we will all have changed. I wanted to create something during this time that I would be proud of , so I stretched my monthly pay check and paid for a simple grinder, a side table, crafts, containers, storage ware, a scale, loads of spices and herbs, tasted them and created new blends. With this, I decided to open an online spice shop to turn my dreams into a reality. I LOVE spices and I love anything that's presented as a gift. This, if you hadn't guessed, inspired the name of the shop “The Spice Gift”.

I'm so excited to continue creating new and innovative spice products/blends that make "moving" gifts. I have plenty of ideas bubbling away in the kitchen so watch this space.  I’d like to personally invite you to stop by and try one of our spice blends.

Thank you for supporting my business.

For the love of everything spicy.
Miriam Joyce

 Spice gift sets


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