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Spice subscription box | Spice subscription Gift

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 Using fragrant blends such as coriander seeds, cumin seeds, lemon grass and super foods like Macca, you can create authentic dishes from the comfort of your own kitchen.

 The spices change every month so it’s a great way to try new foods and cooking styles, plus you get to have fun in the kitchen! 

Each monthly box contains 6 glass jars or resealable bags of spices and spice blends, enough to last you each month with each being able to serve four people. The boxes will be different every month.

 The first box contains your personal gift message with the rest of the boxes coming with inspirational messages! Tired of not being able to get in contact with big businesses? Try a box from a small business you’ll love! 

 To start ,you can select any 6 from the 15 different spice blends available below.

Blend 1 Indian cloves with Black pepper (This blend has both a sweet and savory taste and can be used to add flavor to rice and curries). This heart warming spice is a must have ingredient for anyone who loves curries or rice.

Blend 2 Fenu greek with cumin and curry powder (This spice will provide a deep sweet flavor to saucy dishes). Fenu greek is also another common ingredient in Indian dishes and this spice blend can be used while making curries, including chicken curry or a sweet potato curry.

Blend 3 Fennel seeds with lemon grass (This blend can be used to season chicken with garlic and olive oil or Salmon).

Blend 4 Cumin seeds with chili flakes and ginger (This blend can be used in a beef curry or as a seasoning on roast beef). Cumin has a warm earthy flavor and you cant go wrong with some chili flakes and ginger.

Blend 5 Coriander seeds with curry powder (Its flavor is earthy, tart, and sweet and can be added to fish curries).

Blend 6 Maca powder with turmeric and ginger (Maca is another earthy and nutty spice and this blend can be added to smoothies or any home made energy drinks).

Blend 7 Chili flakes with ginger & garlic (Ginger and garlic should be used in every dish as they add flavor in any dish. Add some chili flakes to get an extra kick). This blend can be added to roast potatoes, stir fry, curries, roast chicken and beef e.t.c.

Blend 8 Sweet paprika with Cayenne pepper (This blend is perfect for seasoning sweet potato wedges, grilled potatoes or used as chicken seasoning).

Blend 9 Coriander seeds with turmeric and ginger (This blend is a popular ingredient in indian dishes including lentil curries or prawn curries).

Blend 10 Paprika with ginger and garlic (This blend can be used as an allspice for beef, chicken, fish, potato e.t.c).

Blend 11 Coriander seeds with chiliflakes (This blend has a lovely aromatic flavor and can be used to add flavor to curries, grilled potatoes and sweet potatoes).

Blend 12 Lemongrass with Basil and Oregano (This blend can be added to a green chicken curry or added at the end of a pasta dish).

Blend 13 Fennel seeds with Tarragon (This blend can be added at the end to a meatball sauce).

Blend 14 Lemongrass with thyme and Basil (This fresh herbal mix can be added to stir fried prawns or as a finishing spice to dishes).

Blend 15 Parsley with lemon grass and cumin seeds (Added to a vegetable curry, this blend adds a fresh aromatic flavor).



Curry powder, Garlic powder, paprika, whole coriander, Indian cloves, turmeric, granulated garlic, black pepper, dried thyme, dried fenugreek, dried oregano, crushed chilies, ginger root, cumin seeds, dried lemongrass, Dried basil, Dried parsley, garlic flakes, fennel seeds, Macca powder.


Mustard, Celery

Some of the ingredients have been sourced and packaged from warehouses that also handle cereals, gluten, nuts, peanuts, wheat, barley, soybeans, celery, mustard, milk, sesame, and sulphites.


Store in an airtight container in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight

For potency and ultimate flavor, we recommend using the spices within a space of 3-6 months. Shelf life 6-12 months.


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Spice subscription box | Spice subscription Gift
Spice subscription box | Spice subscription Gift Sale price£62.99